Sustainability Tuesday: Eco Friendly Jeans

Levi jeans recently launched their Waste< Less campaign recently launched in their efforts to become a more sustainable brand. These new jeans are made with 20% recycled material, specifically plastic bottles. Since the launch of this collection, they have been able to save 11.9 million bottles from landfills.

Levi's other goal is to reduce their water consumption. It is no secret that water waste is a huge issue and Levi's has figured out an innovative method to save up to 96% of water useage in their denim finishing processes. They have combined wet processes and reduced the amount of water needed. In the last few years, they have been able to save 1 BILLION gallons of water.

Right now, only 20% of their products are made using these sustainable methods but by the end of 2020, their goal is to 80% of their jeans made this way.

If your goal is be fashionable while also being conscience  of the environment, make sure to check out the Waste<Less collection.

As always, to help will your energy saving needs, check out

Princeton University: Do it in the Dark

For the last three years, Princeton University's residential colleges have teamed up to see which college can save the most average energy week by week for the Do It in the Dark Challenge. The college that saves the most energy wins a Study Break.

With one week left in the challenge, it is impossible to call who the winner will be since all colleges have time to change their energy use habits . Stay tuned till the 22nd to see who the winner is. 

In partnership with the University's office of Sustainability , we are helping to further their commitment to helping Princeton become as green as possible with through student engagement.

PrincetonU's snapchat story this week featured ways to save energy during this challenge.

You can find the college ranks here 

Solar Energy Tracking

Many of our users have optimized their energy save techniques and made the switch to solar energy. This transition can be tricky but with the help of Wattvision, it can be smooth and gratifying. 

The way most of our users use Wattvision to help integrate their solar experience is through either EKM meters, Rainforest Eagle Smart Meters or PVoutput. EKM meteres and Rainforsest both  compile data to where you can track how much energy you are producing compared how much energy you're producing. You can upload your Wattvision data to PVoutput to share and monitor energy use.

Our users have been able to use Wattvision monitoring software  in order to reduce their energy cost down to nothing, some have even been able to make a profit off of their solar panels.

For more information about solar energy in New Jersey visit

If you have any questions on how we can help with the transition to solar please email us at

Reducing Energy Usage In Princeton: EnergySmart Buildings and Homes Campaign

In this week's Town Topics and US1 newspapers, check out Sustainable Princeton's EnergySmart Buildings and Homes Campaign to find out more information on how you can maximize energy save techniques in the Princeton area. In collaboration with Wattvision, New Jersey's Clean Energy Program can help you save money, energy and the environment with their programs, services and incentives for homeowners and business owners. Many local business have already started being as energy efficient as possible through the campaign. If you would like to join , please contact Sustainable Princeton at (609)454-4757.

Share your Success

One of the best part of Wattvision is the community aspect. Your energy saving data is meant to be shared, whether that is with your tenants or your family, they too need to know how much energy they are using in order for you to successfully reduce your energy use. There two ways to do this. 
The first way to do this is to create a shareable link. This allows anyone with the link to view the data but not make modifications to your account. This is good for sharing information with individuals because they can each access what information is relevant to them.
The second way to share information is by add a widget to your personal website or blog. This is a good way to share information with multiple people at once and the information given in the widget is more general.

Keep reading for setup instructions.

Featured User: Habita Suites

We always find it interesting to see the creative ways Wattvisioniaries use Wattvision to help improve their lives and the environment. Sometimes these ideas are so good that we need to share them with the Wattvision community to inspire other users to use Wattvision to its full capacity.

Recently we spoke with Jorge, he owns Habita Suites,an extend stay hotel in Columbia. Here is what he has to say about his Wattvision experience

1.      How do you use Wattvision:

I own a small lodging business (extended stay hotel). Since my guests stay for long period of time, it's very common that they leave the air conditioning, lights and/or other electric devices turned on when they are at work or doing some tourism around the city. My major concern was the air conditioning because it is one per apartment (mini split type), and we have very big windows that guests love to open to get fresh air.

With this device(Wattvision) now I can know the energy use by looking at the kw/h and the time of the day, (knowing previously how many guests are inside the building), if someone left devices on or a window open, I will be able to see it in the energy use and fix it. 

2.      How much energy have you saved since you started using Wattvision?:

At least 20%. 

3.      What effect does this amount of money saved have on how lucrative your business is?:

It makes me more competitive. 

4.      What reasons, other than the  financial ones, caused you to chose Wattvision?

I love the idea of crowd funding, I love the interface, and of course: I love great customer service.

Thank you, Jorge for letting us feature you on our blog. If anyone has any other interesting Wattvision stories, please email

Wattvision+Rainforest Eagle: Setup and Use

Wattvision is proud to say that we are partnered and compatible with Rainforest Eagle sensors. Set up is easy and quick! Here's how to configure your Eagle to upload to Wattvision:

There are two parts to configuring your Eagle.

Part 1: Configuration on Rainforest side

1. Connect your sensor to its power source and to an ethernet cable, then go to the local web address located on the bottom of the sensor.

2. Once connected, go to settings and select Wattvision from providers drop down.

3. Confirm your choice to connect to Wattvision server

3 Your data is now being sent to Wattvision servers

Part 2: Accessing the Data on the Wattvision website

1. Log in to your Wattvision account and go to Desktop

2. Click House/Site and enter information about the location that is to be monitored. 

3. After you add your House/Site, go to sensor settings and click on Rainforest Eagle from the drop down menu. Enter your cloud ID which can be found on the back of the Rainforest sensor

4. If all steps were followed correctly, then you should be able to access your Rainforest data on

I <3 Wattvision

Here, at Wattvision, we know that our sensors are awesome. Our blog posts are usually about us telling our viewers what makes our product great, but for this post we are changing it up. We sharing what our Wattvisionaries have to say about Wattvision. We aren't bragging, we are just excited that other people recognize how awesome we are ;) We just wanted to say thank you and give a shout out too all of our kind and generous users.

We recently closed out our Kickstarter Campaign. One of our lovely users posted this on our page:

"I think this is the best kickstarter I have backed. You guys should be proud of your accomplishments -- I love my Watt Vision."

On our Amazon page, our users send us a lot of love. Here are some of our favorite comments:

"'m totally amazed with the simplicity and at the convenience of this meter! As a owner of a small familiar hotel, i was very worried about the permanent increasing in the energy consumption month by month, sometimes even if we were booked at 50%, the monthly bill comes as if it was full.

After installing this Wattvision meter everything changes... now at my house or at work, i know who, when and how is the energy being wasted. I discovered new things that was not working well at my hotel and now i'am able to correct them thanks to the functionality of "live history". For example rooms that were booked and not reported, this meter help me notice that.

Brilliant application, brilliant product... and the best is the fast and agile customer service when installing. We are very very happy. Thanks Wattvision!" - Habitia Suites

"I purchased a Wattvision Analog energy sensor back in April 2012 to get a better handle on electricity use in our home. Installation of the sensor onto our meter was a snap, especially with the help of instructional videos from The people at Wattvision were extremely helpful and responsive every step of the way. After noticing slight inaccuracies in our sensor data , they correctly diagnosed a problem and provided a customized sensor replacement that is now 100% accurate. Each week, Wattvision sends a summary of the previous week's usage. I also find downloading my data from their website into a spreadsheet helps me understand the trends in our energy use month to month. Very highly recommended."- John 

"I love this little gadget. It's fun. It's easy. It's incredibly precise and can detect changes as low as a few watts. It took less than ten minutes to install and set up. I like how compact it is and that they don't sell you any unnecessary junk. I can see my power use via any web-connected computer. I can see it via my Android phone. I can download data for detailed analysis. It was very cool to call home one day and ask: "Did you just start the laundry? I can see that power use just jumped up by 5kW!" This has been a great tool to search out, identify, and document power wastes in the house. By looking at the time and duration of energy use, it's quite obvious what are significant power uses and what are not. The little intra-user energy savings competition they've got going is fun motivation, too."- Ted

"I purchased the Wattvision monitor after having problems in not being able to zero out my electric bill. I have a 4.2 kilowatt solar system on my house and I have always had a electric bill. The bill was around $300 a year and I should have been able to had no bill. I purchased the monitor to help me see where I could fine tune my house. I found by replacing light bulbs to florescent lights in the bathrooms and installing timer switches that my problem was almost fixed. The other area I found that was burning electricity was my outdoor lighting. I changed the incandescent Malibu lights out to the new led ones. With these few changes I now make more power than I use. I even have a $78 credit for the extra power we have made. At the end of the year my power provider will cut me a check when I true up. I have had the Wattvision monitor for 4 months now and 4 months of no electric bills.

Thank you Wattvision for helping me meet my goal."-Brandon D

"I love learning about my home energy use. For the first week I tortured my wife, going around turning on an off just about everything in my house to see how much power it was using. I started taking military showers after seeing how much my water heater cost. I confirmed that my variable speed pump was saving a boat-load on my pool circulation costs. I also learned that my well sprinkler pump cost more than I thought, prompting a schedule change.

I can't say whether it has paid for itself yet, but knowing more about my home energy use has certainly opened my eyes. I am certain that the payback on this item is worth the investment.

Installation was easy. I did a half-baked installation, running the wire through a crack in the window sill. I plan to drill a hole this weekend because I have decided to make the installation permanent.

The website is great and the installation procedure is straightforward. I was able to set it up with my iPad!!! No computer necessary! Also, the chart updates every 10 seconds in the iPad and iPhone browser, so I don't need to lug my laptop around the house while testing things out."-Jay

We just wanted to recognize the kindness of all of our users, and hopefully provide other users with some useful information about Wattvision. If you too are satisfied with your Wattvision use, or have and concerns, please feel free to comment on this blog post. Also, if you have an interesting Wattvision story that you would like to share with the community, please email it to