Featured User: Habita Suites

We always find it interesting to see the creative ways Wattvisioniaries use Wattvision to help improve their lives and the environment. Sometimes these ideas are so good that we need to share them with the Wattvision community to inspire other users to use Wattvision to its full capacity.

Recently we spoke with Jorge, he owns Habita Suites,an extend stay hotel in Columbia. Here is what he has to say about his Wattvision experience

1.      How do you use Wattvision:

I own a small lodging business (extended stay hotel). Since my guests stay for long period of time, it's very common that they leave the air conditioning, lights and/or other electric devices turned on when they are at work or doing some tourism around the city. My major concern was the air conditioning because it is one per apartment (mini split type), and we have very big windows that guests love to open to get fresh air.

With this device(Wattvision) now I can know the energy use by looking at the kw/h and the time of the day, (knowing previously how many guests are inside the building), if someone left devices on or a window open, I will be able to see it in the energy use and fix it. 

2.      How much energy have you saved since you started using Wattvision?:

At least 20%. 

3.      What effect does this amount of money saved have on how lucrative your business is?:

It makes me more competitive. 

4.      What reasons, other than the  financial ones, caused you to chose Wattvision?

I love the idea of crowd funding, I love the interface, and of course: I love great customer service.

Thank you, Jorge for letting us feature you on our blog. If anyone has any other interesting Wattvision stories, please email sara@wattvision.com