Sustainability Tuesday: Eco Friendly Jeans

Levi jeans recently launched their Waste< Less campaign recently launched in their efforts to become a more sustainable brand. These new jeans are made with 20% recycled material, specifically plastic bottles. Since the launch of this collection, they have been able to save 11.9 million bottles from landfills.

Levi's other goal is to reduce their water consumption. It is no secret that water waste is a huge issue and Levi's has figured out an innovative method to save up to 96% of water useage in their denim finishing processes. They have combined wet processes and reduced the amount of water needed. In the last few years, they have been able to save 1 BILLION gallons of water.

Right now, only 20% of their products are made using these sustainable methods but by the end of 2020, their goal is to 80% of their jeans made this way.

If your goal is be fashionable while also being conscience  of the environment, make sure to check out the Waste<Less collection.

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