Why we should've named our company "A1 Wattvision" :)

Many users discover Wattvision because of our compatibility with Google PowerMeter.  Set up your Wattvision system, and with a few clicks on your account page, you can opt-in to send your data to Google PowerMeter -- Google's foray into the energy monitoring space.

We're honored to work with Google, and our beta users have enjoyed Google PowerMeter support since February of last year. We just recently exited beta and got listed on PowerMeter's website.  Here's a screenshot:

We can only guess at how many more customers would come our way if our company name were "A1 Wattvision" instead of "Wattvision."  Though a "W" as our first letter puts us as a slight disadvantage with respect to the quick-clicking web-user, we hope the quality, ease of use, and care we put in to our product design will help Wattvision bubble to the top of the list in people's minds. ;) Happy Friday!