Why sustainability matters?

Everywhere we look, we are bombarded with demands from the media to do certain things: save the earth, recycle, go green,live sustainably. All of these virtues sound like good things but do we ever stop and think what they really mean? Why is living a sustainable life important?  What does it even mean to live sustainably?

Today we are going to break down why sustainability is one of the most important things in 2016 and the easy changes you can make to live a more sustainable life.

What does sustainability mean?

We live in a world where everything has to be plugged in. This leads to a high demand for electricity and unfortunately, most of the electricity comes from fossil fuels. There has been progress to moving to more renewable resources like nuclear, solar, hydro and wind, but until all energy can be produced this way, it is important to be as energy efficient as possible. The use of fossil fuels can be argued to be one of the most detrimental and widespread factors of pollution, so as a result, the easiest way to reduce pollution would be to change the way we use energy.

How to be more sustainable?

There are many little changes you can make to live a more sustainable life, like riding your bike or only buying locally sourced food, but one of the best ways is be more conscious of the energy that you are using. This is where Wattvision can help. We provide you will all the tools you need to monitor your energy usage in your home and in your businesses which then allows you to make informed decisions. We also have features that allow you to optimize your solar panel production and we are currently adding more.

Wattvision is here to help support your sustainability needs through an innovative and easy to use platform. Be on the lookout for more features that will help make sustainability an easy part of your everyday life.