Wattvision's New Digs

Wattvision has recently moved to Tigerlabs Commons, Princeton's premier co-working space at 252 Nassau St.  Tigerlabs is located just across the street from Princeton University, which gives us many opportunities to collaborate with the university and its students.  We are currently working with Princeton University's Office of Sustainability to create software that spreads awareness of the university's energy consumption and sustainability efforts.  In addition, we are mentoring students through the university's Princeternship program and Princeton Entrepreneurship Club, and have taken on one student as a summer intern through Princeton's Keller Center for Entrepreneurship. We hope that this new space will allow us to maintain our strong relationship with the university, its students, alumni, and the next generation of startup entrepreneurs.

Tigerlabs is also an active member of the Princeton community. Hundreds of members of Princeton Township came to show their support at Tigerlabs' launch party last week, and we are excited to be a part of this close-knit community.  In addition, we hope that our proximity to NYC and Philadelphia will allow us to interact with these communities as well. 

Our new location is at the heart of the entrepreneurial community in Princeton.  We hope the collaborative environment will help us generate new ideas and create an even better product.  We are already settled in at Tigerlabs and working on Wattvision 2! Here are a few pictures from our time here so far.