Wattvision Public Beta Launch!

It's here -- the wattvision public beta for digital meters!  If you have an electricity meter like the ones pictured below, you can get the wattvision beta hardware for just $149 (for a limited time, use $50 coupon code wvbetablog at checkout).

You may have never looked at your electricity meter before.  It's got all the information on your energy use. And it's probably outdoors.  If it looks like one of these, the wattvision sensor can connect to it and start uploading data to wattvision servers. (While you're investigating, take a picture with your phone and send it to meters@wattvision.com, and we'll tell you if our sensor is compatible.)

Digital meters like the ones pictured above have been found all over North America.  We currently have sensors running in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, California, Ontario, and British Columbia.  (If your electricity meter doesn't look like this, send us a photo at meters@wattvision.com and we will notify you if our sensors are compatible.) Yes, more meter types are forthcoming.

The wattvision sensor hardware is self-installed and connects to your meter and your 802.11b wireless network, and uploads data directly to the wattvision servers. You'll have data updating live on the web or your iPhone.  Get your sensor now to see how much energy you're using, and how you compare to other wattvision users.  Check out wattvision mobile on your iPhone right now, and add it to your home screen. Just navigate to wattvision.com in Safari!

Today marks a big step in our exciting journey. We thank everyone that has given us help, support, and advice. We sincerely hope that we are making something people want (let us know if we're not!). Our twitter account and our blog have been dark for a while -- we imagine that we will have a lot more to say now, so stay tuned for updates. ;)