Wattvision Energy Sensor: Now shipping!

Exciting News! Wattvision is now shipping the Wattvision Energy Sensor for digital and analog meters.  We've graduated from our beta hardware to what you see in the photos above. Buy Now »

For the next two weeks, we're offering the complete wattvision system (Gateway + Sensor appropriate for your meter) for just $239 with free 2-3 day shipping in the United States.  Buy Now »

If you signed up for wattvision before October 1, 2010, you also get a $20 discount if you use the coupon code IMVISIONARY on checkout! Thanks for your patience!

If you were one of our 30 beta users who purchased our beta sensor hardware and worked with us to submit feedback and bugs, send back your prototype system and we'll send you the new one for free. It's our way of thanking you for your support!

The Gateway sits somewhere inside your house within Wi-Fi range, and is connected by a thin, 15-meter wire to the sensor on your meter.  It's powered by a 12-volt wall adapter, which means our system is battery-free.

Let's review some features:

  • Live Data.  Walk around your house, turn things on and off, and get a live view of your energy use, updated every 10 seconds.
  • Email alerts.  Set up an alert to notify you or your family when your energy use spikes.  You'll never be surprised by your energy bill again.
  • Easy Install.  Wattvision gathers data from your meter -- no need to open up your breaker box and risk dealing with high voltage wires and clamps.
  • Works with Google PowerMeter.  Once you set up your sensor, you can view your data live at wattvision.com.  If you so choose, you can opt-in to uploading your data to Google PowerMeter.
  • View data on Android, iOS, Chumby, and all modern browsers. Wattvision does not ship with a display, but we work on all the displays you already have.  Whether it's your iPhone, Android Device, or the Chumby, wattvision works.
  • See where you rank among other Wattvision users. If you opt-in, you can compare your house to other users on wattvision.  See where your home stands!
  • API Access.  Developers will love our web API -- there are no firewalls or DNS records to configure.  Our beta users have already integrated the API with their home automation systems -- turning things on and off as energy use fluctuates.
  • Made in the USA.  At present, the wattvision system is manufactured here in the USA -- let's get our green economy going!

Launching our production hardware marks a major milestone for the Wattvision team.  We'd like to thank our investors, supporters, and friends for helping make our goal of creating a simple, easy to set-up, Wi-Fi enabled energy monitoring system a reality! Buy Now »

Also, if this is the first time you're reading about wattvision, watch our overview demo video on YouTube or browse our site at http://www.wattvision.com.

9 responses
does this work in a condo/multi-unit building?
It works if you have access to your electricity meter, a Wi-Fi network, and a power outlet. In some apartment buildings this is possible, in others, it is not, so it depends on your situation.
How is "every 10 seconds" live, and what's causing that delay? Why can't I turn up a light dimmer and watch whether the power usage is actually linear, for example? I've heard there's interesting stuff to see at higher time resolutions, such as transient spikes that indicate failing motors, or more typical spikes from fluorescent lights powering on.
The meter on your house does not produce information on energy being consumed at such a high rate. With a current transformer system, it is possible, but those are much more complex to install (often requiring an electrician).
Cool! Does your product work with PG&E SmartMeters?
Thanks for the info. Sounds like I should get a WV first and then add a high-res meter if I'm still curious about the little stuff. I'm also interested in reading a PG&E SmartMeter. It's GE, maybe "CL200" or "kV2cs"
Wattvision does not work with PGE smartmeter models: GE KV2CS and Landis Gyr Focus AXR-SD. Otherwise, we do work.
Can you provide any info on when wattvision will work with PG&E smart meters? i have the Landis Gyr Focus AXR-SD model. Looks like a neat and useful product. Thanks.
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