Wattvision gets an in-home display with Chumby

Wattvision on the Chumby

Sure, wattvision looks great on your laptop or your web-enabled phone, but what about those times when you don't want to whip out your phone or open up your laptop?

Well, enterprising wattvision beta user Ryan Carrington cranked out a solution -- a version of wattvision that works on Chumby, a multi-purpose in-home display unit.  We worked closely with Ryan, gave him access to the download API, and we can't thank him enough for his help with this!  Shown above is the Chumby One running at the House in Pennington, NJ. Ryan got it working on his Chumby Classic.

If you have a Chumby and Wattvision, it's quick and easy to set up this particular widget. Just grab the ID and API Key from http://wattvision.com/house -- click "settings" and scroll to the bottom.  You're probably already familiar with Chumby widgets, so it should be quite straightforward to set up.  You can see details on the wattvision widget at the chumby widgets site.

If you have one and not the other, we're in touch with the Chumby Team to see if there are more seamless ways we can work together, but for now, the widget is ready to use.  Thanks again Ryan!