Utah's Most Energy Efficient Home on Wattvision

University of Utah architecture professor Jörg Rügemer spent over a year crafting his home, 125 Haus, so that it would live up to his high standards for energy efficiency.  As a result, the Park City, UT house regularly consumes under $1 of energy per day and has been unofficially named Utah's most energy-efficient and cost-effective house.  

In addition, Professor Rügemer is a Wattvisionary, and 125 Haus consistently sits atop our Top Energy Savers rankings.  With 4 occupants and 2400 square feet of space, 125 Haus often manages to use under 2 Kilowatt hours of energy per occupant throughout an entire day.  Check out its live Wattvision graph here and learn more about the house from Jörg himself in this video

Wattvision's vision for the future is that someday everyone will live in homes this energy-efficient.  In the meantime, even though we can't all build our homes from scratch, we can certainly make steps towards improving our homes' energy efficiency by having proper insulation, checking up on our lighting, buying energy efficient appliances, and monitoring our changes with Wattvision.  Can you take the top spot from 125 Haus?

2 responses
This is a pretty incredible achievement. The only way I can think to improve upon the design would be to put it underground. A hobbit-style home would have tons of insulation, so the only thing to worry about would be tight door frames
and appliances. Speaking of which, I'd like to know what kinds of energy-efficient appliances Jorg found.
A home like this is truly an inspiration for many. This is not just about the trend but it's more practical because it can really save you a lot of bills and money for that matter.