Lots of great feedback since our beta launch

We've been well-received by the blogosphere so far.  Here are some choice quotes and comments -- we'll probably keep updating this post as we get more feedback.  Thanks to everyone for your constructive comments and notes!

"No electrician, access to real-time home energy data via web or cell, and ability to share data through social networking: the top most desireable features I've heard from participants in previous studies (Intel, Department of Energy) on home energy usage are all there."  - Jay Hasbrouck

Coverage on:

Washington Post version of Techcrunch story

JetsonGreen "Wattvision could really help a homeowner out. Knowledge is power, and knowing how equipment uses energy may cause some users to make changes to save energy."

TreeHugger  "But an interesting pricing structure, super simple displays, and social networking tools for energy consumption data could help set Wattvision apart from the rest of the market." (Topsy trackbacks)