How to Eliminate Your Energy Bill Entirely with Wattvison

Last month we received the following e-mail from a Wattvision Customer:
I received the Wattvision monitor in February and have had large credits ever since. The Wattvision monitor helped me tweak the daily wattage use and this allowed me to take full advantage of our solar panels. I changed out all the bulbs in our bathroom vanities to compact fluorescent lights and installed timer switches in the kids bathroom to turn off the lights when they forget. I also found a lot of other things around the house sucking power and I put a stop to that. The Wattvision monitor has already paid for itself in the first 3 months and I now receive credits on my bills.



This story just goes to show how after as short of a time frame as 3 months, with a little bit of effort, experimentation, and Wattvision, you can cut down your energy bill so far that the power company could owe you money every month.   Take advantage of power company credits for environmentally-friendly energy usage and make the changes that can enable to you never have to pay an energy bill again!  Look for big energy-sucking devices in your home or business and consider replacing or modifying them to optimize your energy use at home. Save energy, and save money with Wattvision.