Energy Monitoring is Vital for Energy Efficiency

Amidst calls for energy efficiency and going green, it's easy to be overwhelmed with where to start and what to change in your life or in your building to make the most positive impact.  In a recent article by greentechmedia, Katherine Tweed makes the claim that the first step to using less energy is benchmarking, or simply taking account of how much energy you already use.  To Wattvisionaries, this may seem obvious, but it's true: simply monitoring how much energy you use can cut your energy bill down by 5% before even making any significant changes to your building.

Having knowledge of your energy consumption grants insights into how to reduce your power bill, lower your carbon emissions, and even meet standards set by the government. The demand for energy efficiency will continue to grow exponentially this decade, and "Building data analytics need to happen 'at every level and every sized building'". Wattvision makes it easy to perform energy monitoring on any scale; anywhere there's a power meter, we can get you your real-time data so you can charge confidently into your future energy changes.