Calling all TED users: get your TED data on Wattvision to compare and share!

In tandem with the API, we're excited to announce the Wattvision TED Connector software for Mac and Windows. If you have a TED device, you can get your data on wattvision and get all of wattvision's features, like email alerts, rankings, history, and everything else we're working on.

Essentially, we're making it easy for folks that have already invested in the TED device (and its installation) to still be able to participate in the wattvision community without forcing a purchase of wattvision hardware.  We think it's a win-win.  We also think most people that have the TED today are early adopters of new technology, so they'll be willing to set up a tiny app running in the background.

As a TED user, you just need a few bits of information to get your house on wattvision.  Once you download the software, you'll need your TED's IP Address, and your house ID and API Key from your house > settings page on Wattvision. That's it!

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Thanks for this. Note: some TED5000 users have a public URL to the TED server, would it be possible to that data accessed by wattvision without the need to run a local client?

Thank you for the service!

Hi Perk, yes, we could enable this, thanks for your feedback!
TED connector cannot be found. Download error. Where can it be found? Thank you. Error: Server Error The server encountered an error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds.