Avoid Huge Surcharges by the Power Company

Wattvisionaries across the country (and the world) have discovered a wide variety of applications for our energy monitoring hardware and software.  Nick Salvati Jr. of Cadillac Plating Corporation in Michigan has found a particularly practical use for Wattvision: using our e-mail alert system to make sure his company's energy use never peaks, giving him an inflated rate from the power company.

When you get the bill from your utility provider, it's often unclear what calculations were made to get to the bottom line.  Nick realized that his power provider was charging him more than triple for each kilowatt hour he used when the wattage in any of his buildings was over a certain threshold than when it was below that threshold.  Power companies institute policies like this to take advantage of the high energy needs of businesses, and before energy monitoring, there really wasn't much that someone like Nick could do to avoid getting gouged by the high prices.  

Enter Wattvision.  With our e-mail alert system, Nick can be notified in real time whenever his energy consumption rate goes over the power company's threshold, and then he can take steps to redistribute his energy consumption among his company's buildings or temporarily turn off certain equipment so he stays under the limit and never gets surcharges.  Viewing his live graph and history on our website, he can also look at trends in his company's energy use to help him make educated decisions about his long-term energy habits.  As a result of using Wattvision, Nick has been able to save thousands of dollars per month, all money that the power company would have previously taken from him. 

Do you really know what you're paying for? Find out your power company's policies and use Wattvision and you could get back a large chunk of your money!