Analyzing Computing Power with Wattvision

Some people leave their computers on 24/7.  Others turn them off at night and boot them back up in the morning.  Have you ever wondered what's more power efficient?  One Wattvisionary with a few computers on his hands decided to find out.

Jon R. ran a large, high-end PC day and night in his household as well as a smaller office laptop that he only used rarely.  By using Wattvision, he discovered that his PC was costing $32 per month and his laptop was adding on an extra $7 per month.  By shutting down his laptop when not being used and putting his PC on a sleep schedule, he was able to save a significant chunk of money on his monthly energy bill.  

Have similar questions about your home's energy use patterns?  Don't be in the dark forever; get Wattvision and answer your questions with accurate numbers to help you make the most cost-effective choices for your household.  Every saving adds up, and even one change added up over months can make a huge difference.  

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